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What our happy customers are saying...

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We value the feedback we receive from our customers and actively seek to gather their thoughts and input. Below are some of the recent comments our customers have made about working with us.
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T. R. Peluso Parsippany, NJ

As part of the due diligence that I normally do whenever I need to hire ANY service to do anything major for me (my wife always thinks I'm crazy), I went to six (6!) shops for estimates to fix my '01 Lexus. Being that the car is on the older side and that I still love the car, I absolutely wanted it fixed RIGHT.
I originally had mixed feelings when I first went to East Coast Collision. They quoted me one of the lowest estimates AND shortest turnaround times by a WEEK - I actually saw these as a negative because I didn't think it was possible based on the other shops I went to. On the positive side, I really got a good feeling from the owner Chris. He walked me through how the whole insurance process works (he and his father are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about such matters). They advised me, even before going with them, on how to deal with all parties involved. They also showed me a bunch (like hundreds) of pictures of other cars they've fixed. I definitely felt the most comfortable with the folks at East Coast, so despite my initial skepticism I made arrangements to have the car fixed there.
To say that I was blown away when I saw the car when they were done would be a HUGE understatement. First of all the car looked PERFECT. Even though they fixed the front, they went around the whole car and did little clean ups here and there at no charge. Besides the damaged area, they compounded and polished the WHOLE car, and detailed it inside and out. My car came out infinitely BETTER than it was BEFORE I had the accident! Color match - perfect. Hood alignment with fenders, etc. - perfect. I swear I drove the car home like the day I drove it off the lot for the first time - carefully and with a big smile on my face!
I realize that I am not one of your family members or a trusted friend from high school when I say this, but take my advice as if I was: THERE IS NO OTHER SHOP I WILL EVER USE OR RECOMMEND for auto body repair! Professional to a T and very friendly and accomodating.
Many thanks Chris and the staff of East Coast Collision!
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-C. Corcoran Glen Rock, NJ

I am sorry to say that my wife and I have had many accidents, most of which were not our fault (Chris can attest to our innocence, LOL)! To show you our luck, one of those times we were hit by a police officer in a high speed chase - not fun! Despite living in Bergen county, we took our Audi to East Coast on a co-worker's recommendation years ago. Chris and Mike have always been great to deal with, and we've always loved how our car has turned out. I'm serious, even though it's never fun to have an accident, dealing with East Coast makes the process very bearable!!
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-P. Toracik Fleet Manager Fairway Freight and Delivery

We are a busy freight delivery service located in Edison, NJ. Our company typically has 50 to 60 trucks on the road at any given time. Despite putting our drivers through the finest driver safety programs available and having an extremely low per-driver incident rate, we do find ourselves in need of auto body repair on a fairly regular basis. Since 1995, we have used East Coast Collision when in need of such services.
I am happy to report that in the 15 years that we have had our trucks and other vehicles repaired at East Coast Collision, there is not a single time that I can remember ever being less than 100% satisfied with the repairs that they have made. In addition, their staff is always very friendly and accomodating when it comes to vehicle pick up and delivery, repair status updates, and even the billing process.
At least a few of our employees, including myself, have also had our personal vehicles repaired by East Coast over the years and with the same result - 100% satisfaction.
It is with much pleasure that I recommend East Coast Collision to anyone in need of their auto repair services.
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-H. Edelstein Cedar Grove, NJ

It's not every day that you find yourself looking for a shop to paint and restore a classic '67 TBird. So, figuring that independent auto insurance agents probably deal with auto body shops the most and could give some of the best opinions on which shops to consider/avoid, I went to Google, made a list of FIFTY AGENCIES in northern New Jersey, and started making my phone calls. I basically said "Hi, could you help me? I would like to restore a vintage car, and, based on the geuss that I'm sure you deal with many shops on a regular basis for your customers, could you recommend a good one to me?" While some were no help at all, many agents had names on the tips of their tongues, and some even took quick office polls. Of all the shop names that I received, one name came up the most - East Coast Collision.
I took my baby (oops my car) to them, and suffice it to say that I have never been so impressed with a shop in my life (I'm 62 but don't tell anyone)! Chris, and Mike are EXPERTS at their craft. I love the job they did, and so have classic car judges- it's won Second Place twice in recent classic car contests!
Do yourself a favor and, if you need to have your classic car restored or just want to restore your regular car to better than it's pre-accident condition, you need look no further than the fine staff at East Coast!
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-T. Elwood Ridgewood, NY

I recently had my Volvo X-C90 SUV nearly totaled. I didn't even want it repaired, figuring it would never be the same. Having no choice, I went along with my insurance company's recommendation and took it to East Coast Collision.
Because it had extensive frame damage, I took it back to the Volvo dealership I originally bought it from to ask them if they felt that it was repaired properly. Wanna be blown away right now??? THEY SWORE TO ME THAT THE CAR HAD NEVER BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT! Shocked, I dug out pictures of the mangled wreck -- yep! Same license plate! They shook their heads in disbelief. "They did a good job on this one, man, that's for sure" one of the mechanics told me.
It looks and rides like the day I bought it.
Thanks Mike and Chris for the great job. I realize that the next time we meet might not be under the happiest of circumstances, but I know that I'll be happy in the end.